33 Things That Stop People with Chronic Illness From Leaving the House (Sans COVID-19)

33 Things That Stop People with Chronic Illness From Leaving the House (Sans COVID-19) | A Chronic Voice

 by Sheryl Chan

Lockdown for COVID-19 & for People with Chronic Illness

The lockdown laws for the COVID-19 pandemic vary for different countries and states, but people with chronic illness live a life in lockdown of sorts on a daily basis.

Parts of Europe are set to go back into full lockdown again at the time of publishing this post. Here in Singapore, we’re allowed to gather outside in up to groups of five. The chairs, benches and any place where people queue have all been marked with red tape (yes I know, the unintended pun) for proper social distancing. Masks are compulsory by law, which I’m grateful for. There are a bunch of other strange rules which I won’t go into detail here (like no airing of live sports in bars).

Many healthy people are resuming a semi-semblance of normality here, where they can go out for a drink, meet their friends for a while, and do some shopping with a bit of caution. For people with chronic illness or a disability however, not much has changed, and many of us worry that we’ll be forgotten again once the lockdown is finally lifted (when?).

Will Accessibility Degrade Again After the Lockdown?

Will all the accessibility features and accommodations within society and at workplaces degrade again? People will surely forget the frustration of being cooped up at home all day soon enough, right? It’s human instinct built for survival. The fact that people with chronic illness or a disability still need to continue the lockdown life won’t matter anymore, will it?

Sad to say, I think that this will be the case, as humans forget short-term pain or minor inconveniences quickly. Rarely will someone stop to consider the wellbeing of someone beyond that of themselves, and their loved ones. “To each their own.” “It’s none of my business.” “I’m too busy.” “The government will take care of it.” “I don’t know anything about this, so how can I help?” So on and so forth.

Mini Interviews with People with Chronic Illness and/or a Disability

Well I think I’ve rambled on enough, so here’s a list of things that stop people with chronic illness and/or a disability from leaving the house on a regular day, with or without the COVID-19 lockdown in place. These are real life mini interviews, from actual people who live with a chronic illness or disability. You will see that apart from chronic pain, overwhelming fatigue and the accompanying payback down time is a huge deterrent for many.

I hope that this short compilation helps to give you a glimpse of insight into our lockdown world, and that you will take something away from it, mainly empathy 🙂 To those of you who contributed, my apologies for getting this out so late; life has been manic, which you’d probably know about if you were following my monthly entries for the Chronic Illness Linkup Parties. Thank you once again for your support and for speaking up – like I always say, ‘every voice counts’.

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