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Shannon Green is a chronic pain expert and support group facilitator for the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) #ACPA. Shannon is originally from Bartlesville, Oklahoma but resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, son, and fur babies. Her passion is supporting the chronic pain community and improving healthcare standards and legislation.

Shannon believes in the power of art to clear and calm the mind. She loves creating mixed media art in her studio and making handmade greeting cards. She highly recommends art therapy of some sort even if it’s just coloring in adult coloring books daily.

Shannon is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a bachelors in Business Administration with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Oklahoma City University.

Shannon is active on social media: Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube but spends most of her time on Instagram, which is the quickest way to send her a message. #chronicpain   #supportgroup   #pain

I want to advocate for the continued use of video conferencing with doctors even after the covid pandemic. This is especially important for chronically ill folks that have trouble driving and or restrictions.

I have a dream to see all US states approve the use of cannabis medically and recreationally as well as other countries. Cannabis has been proven to reduce pain, anxiety, and seizures. I work with a manufacturer of CBD products and we want to spread knowledge to the community, lawmakers, and medical professionals  on how helpful these products are.   #cannabis   #CBD

The views and opinions of Chronic Pain Hacker are based on real life research and should not be tried unless first speaking with a doctor or certified medical professional.

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Would you find it helpful to chat with a chronic pain expert who actually gets it and has been where you are in the chronic pain and illness journey? Isolation is very common when dealing with a chronic illness so we want to create a sense of community to support each other. 

It’s ok to grieve the person you used to before the illness. Just remember to give yourself grace while pursuing your noble effort. Sometimes we forget this when we can’t do the things we used to.

We also focus on adding or improving our coping mechanisms with discussions on meditation, mindfulness, breath work, movement, emotion regulation, therapy, brainspotting, relationships, and spirituality. Many of these topics can ease our stress, anxiety, and depression which in turn will lower our pain levels.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are helpful therapies to develop healthy methods to cope with stress, pain, and anxiety. They also can improve our relationships with others with improved communication skills.   #CBT   #DBT   #DBTSKILLS

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of psychotherapy that is useful with PTSD or unresolved trauma. There is a strong link between physical pain and emotional trauma. Most people that are interviewed about their pain, can pin point the start of the pain surrounding a trauma even if the trauma is unknown in the conscious but lies unresolved in the subconscious. For example, Chronic Pain Hacker, had blocked out a traumatic childhood event for 35 years. After three sessions of EMDR, she was able to recall the blocked events and reprocess them in a healthy manner.