Dear potential participant,

Thank you for your interest in our research project. You are invited to participate because you are a person with one of the following chronic musculoskeletal disorders: chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain, chronic shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, chronic Temporomandibular Disorder, or fibromyalgia.

This research project is conducted by Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. Annick Timmermans at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hasselt University. Its purpose is to get insight on the impact of the intensity of the physical activity level on pain and disability in persons with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Second, the underlying facilitators and barriers to perform physical activity (at different intensities) during daily living will be evaluated. Third, the impact of the intensity of the physical activity level on the motivation to perform a rehabilitation program will be evaluated.

Your participation in this research project is extremely valuable to us. However, you should know that it is completely voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide to participate in this survey, you may withdraw at any time. If you decide not to participate in this survey or if you withdraw from participating at any time, you will not be penalized. Your participantion will consist of filling in an online survey that will take approximately 30 minutes. We advise to do this in one session, but if it suits you better, you can complete the survey in multiple shorter sessions, however it is important to not delete the cookies of your browser if you want to do this (as we do not collect personal data from you and this means the survey will restart from the beginning).

Your responses will be confidential and we do not collect identifying information such as your name, email address or IP address. The survey questions will be about your disorder, your activity level, your contextual situation, and your motivation to perform exercise and/or rehabilitation. We will do our best to keep your information confidential. All data is stored in a password protected electronic format through software specifically made for this kind of research. To help protect your confidentiality, the questionnaires in the surveys will not contain information that will personally identify you. The results of this study will be used for academic purposes only and may be shared with Hasselt University representatives. If you have any questions about this study, please contact This research has been reviewed by the Committee on Medical Ethics of Hasselt University for research involving human subjects.

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