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HealthMental Health  Mental Illness Mental Illness Mental illnesses are medical conditions involving changes in behavior, thinking or emotions that interfere with a person’s ability to do daily tasks or care for themselves. Common mental health disorders include anxiety disorders and mood disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and ADHD. Other disorders include autism, borderline personality disorder,Continue reading “Mental Illness – Drugwatch”

Slideshow: Physical Symptoms of Depression – WebMD Depression   Slideshows Slideshow: Physical Symptoms of Depression Medically Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on September 11, 2019 Sleep Problems 1/12 Depression can affect your body as well as your mind. Trouble falling or staying asleep is common in people who are depressed. But some may find that they get too much shut-eye. Chest Pain 2/12 It canContinue reading “Slideshow: Physical Symptoms of Depression – WebMD”